Winemaker events at mesa Restaurant

Best Wines presented by enthusiastic Winemakers

Engage in conversation with young and enthusiastic winemakers at mesa restaurant. In a cosy and relaxing atmosphere the winemakers will present their best wines.  Relax, enjoy, laugh and taste as the winemakers host a memorable evening with wine tasting and German cuisine. 


The price per person is €55, including wines and dishes selected by the chef.  Water and coffee are excluded. The winemaker events always start at 7.30pm.


Since 13 January 2011, mesa proudly calls itself the Riesling Lounge of the German Wine Institute. 

Upcoming Winemaker Events


March 27: Wittmann Vineyard
Since 1963, the Wittmann family has been growing grapes and making wine in old Westhofen in the south of Rheinhessen.  From this long tradition, the vineyard has evolved into what we see today.
The 2015 Gault Millau Wein Guide wrote: “Wittmann’s 2013 wines are pure endorphins for connoisseurs that give the feeling of security.”

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April 17: Leitz Vineyard
The Johannes Leitz name stands for 100% Riesling.  In 1985, Leitz finished his apprenticeship as a winemaker, and since then he has brought his winery to national and international success with its respectable 40 hectares (99 acres).  In addition to Germany, the winery’s key markets include the US, Norway, England and Sweden.
Today, the top dry wines from Rüdesheimer Berg Schlossberg, Rüdesheimer Berg Rottland and Rüdesheimer Berg Kaisersteinfels are among the best wines in Germany.  Leitz’s wines carry labels with individual handwriting and reflect the identity of Rüdesheimer Berg.

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May 16: Wageck-Pfaffmann Vineyard
For more than a century, the name Wageck has stood for quality winemaking in the small town of Bissersheim.  These wines are known both locally and nationally.  Located in northern Pfalz, with Fran and Thomas Pfaffmann at the helm, the vineyard is in its fifth generation.
Quality originates from the vineyard.  Thus, the two men started planting old Pinot Noir and Chardonnay clones from Burgundy.

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June 26: Markus Molitor Vineyard
In 1984, 20-year-old Markus Molitor took over his father’s vineyard with a clear goal in mind: keeping the tradition of eight generations in mind, Riesling wines made under the Molitor name would be the same as they were 100 years ago — unique and extremely storable.  His philosophy contains “80% aptitude, 94% Riesling and 100% passion”, according to Molitor.
Wines from Molitor show the potential of the Mosel region — texture and intense flavour paired with freshness and elegance.

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September 5: Schloss Vollrads Vineyard
With a vineyard area of approximately 80 hectares (198 acres), Christine Höhne and her team concentrate on the cultivation of Riesling.

A passion for quality connects all colleagues at Schloss Vollrads — from the vineyard workers to the waiters to the salespeople who handle the collection.  
Der Feinschmecker counts Schloss Vollrads as among the best vineyards in Germany.

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November 28: Rebholz Vineyard
Characteristic wines from a family business with a tradition going back to the seventeenth century — this is the recipe for success for Rebholz vineyard.  And experts and wine critics from Germany and around the world applaud. 

The idea for Rebholz grew in the mind of lumberjack Eduard Rebholz (1889 – 1966).  For three generations now, the vineyard’s white and red wines have absorbed all they need from the surrounding nature.  The results are wines with great character. 

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December 5: Franzen Vineyard
For six generations, the name Franzen has stood for a passionate connection with wine, the landscape and a high standard of quality.
Since the 1980s, dry wines have been the vineyard’s focus.  Angelina and Kilian Franzen disclaim fining agents, and it is their goal to generate fresh, fruity wines with depth.

They dedicate the greatest care and attention to their work at the vineyard and in the wine cellar.  Both of them simply want to get the best out of every year.

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