Winemaker events at mesa Restaurant

Best Wines presented by enthusiastic Winemakers

Engage in conversation with young and enthusiastic winemakers at mesa restaurant. In a cosy and relaxing atmosphere the winemakers will present their best wines.  Relax, enjoy, laugh and taste as the winemakers host a memorable evening with wine tasting and German cuisine. 


The price per person is €55, including wines and dishes selected by the chef.  Water and coffee are excluded.


Since 13 January 2011, mesa proudly calls itself the Riesling Lounge of the German Wine Institute. 

Upcoming Winemaker Events

25 April: vineyard Rux

The winemakers table at vineyard Rux promises to be exciting and entertaining. 

The vineyard is led under a long family tradition but still presents itself as young and creative – even in the area of events, such as the musical 1950’s style dinner in July 2013 with wine and food shows. 

Best quality is achieved through the use of the old planted grapes from the terraced layers of the Cannstatter Zuckerles.  The production of the wine is without exception based on handwork. 

Since 2009 you can enjoy the classic German Riesling, the rustic Swabian, from up to 100 year-old grapes based on Trollinger, the new Pinot Noir and the mineral Sauvignon Blanc.  The flavourings are unique and range from simple to complex.



16 May: vineyard Zelt

Vineyard Zelt is a traditional family-run company, now in its fourth generation, that devotes itself to growing wines.  The Vinum awarded one of the St.Laurent wines with the German Red Wine Prize 2008.

The wine grower, Mario Zelt, has completed a two-year winemakers’ programme and on top of that he has studied oenology.  In addition, he took the opportunity to do internships abroad in renowned establishments in France, Austria and South Africa.

The biggest part of the vineyard is located in the extraordinary areas of Laumersheim and Großkarlbach.

The vineyard is especially experienced in the processing of first-class red wines, which result from the classic fermenting mash.  The grapes for white wines are stored in a temperature-controlled environment for several months at least during fermentation.



20 June: vineyard Anette Closheim

Anette Closheim was the first female winemaker to gain the “Weinwelt” award of “Riesling - discovery of the year”.  In just a couple of years she made a name for herself as a winemaker.  Now she is visiting us in our mesa restaurant.

Her professional career is impressive.  She studied wine business management and as a product manager she was responsible for the marketing of single malt whiskies and premium vodka. 

Her wines and especially the experienced tasters benefit from her versatile experience.  At the vineyard of her family, close to the Nahe, she plants very ripe grapes for a pure, clear wine selection.

Her focus lies on white Burgundy, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Cuvée Red



5 September: vineyard Zehnthof

The Luckert family cultivates about 17 hectares of vineyard, located in Sulzfeld and part of a completely ecological wine-making process.  Since the 1960s, the vineyard has pressed wine through classical mash fermentation, and 100% wood barrel upgrading of the dense, vigorous and distinctive plants: a family business with a sense of tradition.

The vineyard relies on “franconian muschelkalk” which makes the wines especially complex and racy, and fit to stand alongside the finest premium red wines.  Red wines from this cool climate are completely through-fermented and have no tastable sugar content, and are characterised by an intense colour, a high concentration of ripe tannins and a great structure.

The most important grape variety of the vineyard Zehnthof is Silvaner followed by pinot blanc, Riesling, Müller-Thurgau and pinot noir.



17 October: vineyard BattenfeldSpanier
Meet a wine maker with obstinacy: Hans-Oliver Spanier from the BattenfeldSpanier vineyard in Rhine-Hesse is well known for wines that have their own character.  The wines, from organic viticulture, come from the best grapes, which owe their full flavour to the mineral-rich chalky soil of the Frauenberg wine region.

Spanier sees himself as a maker of “stony wine” whose defined goal is the production of Riesling of the highest quality.  He produces 70,000 bottles of wine annually.  The vineyard is a member of both ECOVIN (the Federal Association of Ecologically Working Vineyards) and the VDP (the Association of German Special Quality Wines).

The specialities of the vineyard are Riesling, Sylvaner and the white and red Burgundy.

Read more about vineyard BattenfeldSpanier.



21 November: vineyard Balthasar-Ress

Get to know Christian Ress, who is already the fifth generation in the family business.  In 2010 he took over the responsibility for the business operations of the Balthasar-Ress vineyard.  The Ress family has been located in Hattenheim for decades.  Over the generations the family was well known for their butcher’s business “butcher Ress”, which still exists. 

In 1870 Balthasar Ress founded the guesthouse Ress and therefore laid the foundation for a long gastronomic tradition as well as vineyard.  With the start of the gastronomic activities in 1870, the family offered their first wines, which they called “Von Unserm” (of us).  The vineyard has a size of about 46 hectares. 

About 90% of the ground is planted with Riesling, and they also plant Pinot Noir and White Burgundy.

Read more about vineyard Balthasar-Ress.



12 December: vineyard Jochen Dreissigacker

In December 2014, indulge in conversation with winemaker Jochen Dreissigacker at mesa restaurant. Several years ago the congenial winemaker had the opportunity to take over the family estate and to make wine by his very personal ideas, he made ​​a decision: "From well-done wine I wanted to grow outstanding wine, with an exciting, agreeable and strong character." Discover special wines of outstanding quality in mesa.



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